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We met Pat Franz and his team from Clairmont shortly after purchasing our home. Having worked with builders and subcontractors in the past, Pat Franz sets a standard that few can meet. He treated our home like his own, was literally on call to answer questions and address any concerns, and inspired tremendous confidence with his technical knowledge and excellent craftsmanship. His attention to detail and pride in the quality of his work resulted not only in a great finished product but also meant that he was able to anticipate and spot issues before they became problems. Remodeling and renovation projects can be very stressful and the peace of mind that Pat provides is truly invaluable. He took such a personal interest in making sure that our job was completed to our satisfaction and to his high standards that he became like a part of our family. Even after the job was done he was an incredible resource, always willing to answer questions and provide advice. We would recommend Pat Franz and Clairmont without hesitation to anyone building, remodeling or renovating a home.
~ Cindy & David Randell

You can trust these guys. The best thing I ever did was tell them what my budget range was. Their number’s came in the middle of what I could afford. Then they gave me some options, like a menu, to choose from, offered advice with clear logic as to which may fit my needs and my home’s value the best. Now that I’ve lived with those decisions a bit, they were dead-on!
~ Jim & Barbara Hughes

In a remodeling/renovation project or new home you buy a process as much as you buy the end result. If you don’t understand that you’re probably in for trouble. Afterall, you are living in your home while the work is going on. The folks at Clairmont were totally on their game with our kitchen addition. They were on-time and on budget and always gentleman. My wife and I have done three renovations. This was the biggest and the most difficult of the three and we had the absolute best experience using Clairmont. They were extremely clean, safe, and real craftsmen. Their budget was the highest of all the builders we contacted, BUT on closer inspection, the other builders had not bid everything in the blueprint or bid it with the high quality components we wanted. In the end Clairmont saved us money, time, and substandard results.
~ Toni & Kevin Brenski

Pat Franz and his crew at Clairmont, have proven to be, time and again, the highest level of professionals in the home renovation industry. In my home, they have completed such major projects as a room addition, a full kitchen renovation, the remodeling of two complete bathrooms, and our entry/foyer area. They were accurate with their estimates, detailed in outlining the projects timeline and experts in implementation. They also provided creative design input which resulted in new spaces with a special flare – that also proved affordable. Clairmont is a great value when considering the comprehensive nature of their services and the efficiency with which they work.
~ Ann Grant

Clairmont was not the cheapest, nor were they the most expensive. Yet wow! Did they blow us away with knowledge and a wonderful bedside manner. We have small children and yet our home was kept safe, clean and organized. Our punchlist was small and our warranty claims nonexistent. They bridge the gap between being the kind of craftsman that can only come from years of experience and being modern scientists and technicians that can understand the new building science.
~ Dr. Fred & Barbara Luchetti