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Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! NOW is the time to remodel!

Yes it’s nearly summer and yes you correctly read the holiday greetings above. In our world, supplies are taking three times as long to deliver as they would under normal circumstances. If you are considering a project with a completion time for the holidays, there is no better time than NOW to get started.  

I realize this is a heavy topic for our first newsletter, but it is important to set the expectations about supply chain issues.

Over time, the Clairmont Ltd. newsletter will cover a variety of topics such as the importance of making sure that your contractor is not only fully insured but properly insured, the difference a designer makes and budgeting as well as many beautiful pictures of kitchens, wine cellars and other projects. You may even see an appearance from Oliver occasionally!

 So where do we go from here?

 In 32 years in business, we rarely had to plan this far ahead. But adapting to what we cannot change is the mother of invention. Post-Covid labor and supply chain issues now affect almost everything we do. Toss inflation into the mix and it makes for (let’s say it nice), interesting times! Planning unnaturally far ahead helps a lot. Having our own crews allows us to perform almost as if none of this is going on.

 We welcome the opportunity to work with you for your next remodeling project. Contact us today and as always, we are never too busy to handle your referrals.