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Clairmont Ltd. Advises on Family Room and Living Room Lighting

Getting the lighting right in the living and family rooms can be complicated because there are so many activities going on.  Standard ceiling fixtures and recessedlight bulb or track lights provide general lighting.  Table and floor lamps deliver task and accent light.  If your recessed lights or track heads are adjustable, they also can be used to accent art or concentrate light in a specific area.  Aim accent and task lights away from shiny surfaces, such as TV screens and glassed-framed artwork, to prevent reflected glare.  Remember, most CFLs aren’t dimmable, though halogen bulbs and many LEDs are.

Shopping tip

For the biggest savings, replace the most frequently used bulbs first.  Buy just one or two bulbs to try them out.  If you like the light, buy more.  If you turn that fixture on and off a lot, use and LED.   On/off cycling will shorten the life of a CFL.