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We have decided we want to build new or improve our existing home what is the best way to get started?

A great way to start is to clip photos from magazines of spaces and products that you love. Houzz and Pinterest are terrific resources to create a folder where your preferences can be easily shared. This process opens the floodgate to having a productive conversation with homeowners. Pat has worked successfully with homeowners long distance using these tools.

From colors, cabinets, countertops and wall tile; a picture is always worth a thousand words.

Then it is best to contact Clairmont for an assessment. We will review structural integrity and begin a wonderful collaboration. Before any money is spent, many ideas are developed and evaluated. This is time well spent and our homeowners end up getting what they want. We also discuss the pros and cons of the cabinetry and flooring; for example, and assess your lifestyle and how it blends your selection choices.

What will my new kitchen cost?

It depends. So many variables are taken in consideration to arrive at a final cost of any project such as; quality of materials, site conditions, accessibility, age of your home, specific design tastes, finishes and updating existing systems, to name a few. One advantage of design/build is that if you let us know your budget range and it’s realistic we will be able to work within it. All remodeling jobs are custom; even in a tract subdivision. The budget and the time to complete a project will be different for each one.

How fast can you get the job done?
Every project is unique. A site visit is necessary to make an assessment of what the conditions are and anything that may affect the time frame. This visit with the homeowners helps us assess your goals in order to render an opinion. At this point we are comfortable providing a ballpark range of what your project will cost and a timeframe for completion.