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Clairmont Ltd. Encourages Home Review During Early Spring Rains – Be sure to inspect your outside drainage

A simple walk around your property takes no time at all. In early spring when we typically receive plenty of rain, here are a few important things to assess:

  1. Gutters need another cleaning in the spring; not just in the fall.
  2. Take a walk around your home and observe how rain water drains away from your house. Stand as far back as possible from many vantage points to ascertain if the ground (grade) slopes toward or away from the house. Of course you want it sloped away from the house. Before the vegetation starts growing, early spring is a good time to add dirt to create a gradual slope away from your foundation.
  3. Make sure all downspouts have extensions on them to discharge water five feet or more from the edge of the foundation.
  4. Before the vegetation starts growing, check your landscape lighting. The wiring from one light to the other is typically just buried a few inches under the soil.
  5. Look up! Check if any tree branches are rubbing against your siding or roof.  It is easier to trim them now than after they have leaves.