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Clairmont Ltd. Provides Advises Homeowners With Heavy Snowfall Predicted

The heavy snowfall predicted for the new few days can cause problems with your furnace and water heater.  Most homes nowadays have furnaces and water heaters that vent through the side of the house.  They vent through white PVC pipes that go through the exterior wall and exhaust the furnace and water heater fumes.  They are generally one to three feet off the ground.  Drifting snow can blow into these pipes or up and over them.  Furnaces and water heaters will automatically shut down if they cannot vent properly.  This is a safety feature so carbon monoxide does not back up into the house.  You will likely think your unit broke.  But, all you need to do is go outside and brush the snow away from the pipes.  If you have an older style furnace or water heater that vent through a chimney going through the roof, you should not have any problems.