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Ditch the dining room for a bigger kitchen?

Not too long ago, we were approached by a homeowner that wanted to significantly enlarge her kitchen by removing the dividing wall and expanding into the existing dining room space.

Before any project we spend time collaborating with our clients concerning their goals and the available options to achieve them. Part of this conversation involves how the changes will pan out come resale time when compared to comparable homes in your neighborhood. While in some areas this would not be an issue it would be in this high-end suburb. The good news is that our client came to terms that this could be a problem and while the dining room was spared, careful planning yielded a spacious and efficient kitchen that they enjoy to this day.

Remember that we also buy, rehab and sell properties. Having this expertise is valuable to our homeowners. While the resale question may be the furthest from your mind, it is comforting to know that the investment in your home is a wise one.