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Facing Flood Clean-up? Clairmont Ltd. Cautions Residents to Hire a Reputable Contractor

With excessive rains causing many area households to flood, there are a few key tips to keep in mind when looking for help with the clean up efforts and repair.

Pat Franz of Clairmont Ltd., a 23-year old remodeling and renovation firm based in Hinsdale offers hints that can save valuable time:

If you have a flooded basement with anything sitting on the floor that is plugged into an electrical receptacle, like a power strip, treadmill, etc. DO NOT step into the basement without first turning off the power to the entire house!  If you don’t know how, call a qualified professional.  You could easily get electrocuted.  Turn your furnace off at the thermostat.  Once you turn off the power, grab a flashlight and walk the basement and unplug everything except the sump pump.  Once done, turn the power to house back on and go check your sump pump.  Unplug it first and check if it is clogged.  It is likely that many sump pumps just burned up from the excessive use.

Take pictures of the loss area for insurance purposes

Contact your Homeowners Insurance company to file a claim.

Eliminate all standing water – fast – Whether you are pumping or bailing out; the water needs to go; mold can establish in a matter of hours so it is especially important to remove wet carpet, padding and unsalvageable items immediately and air out the space as much as you can. If there is sewage involved – call a disaster remediation company for proper clean up.

Air out affected areas as much as you can 

Contact area contractors for an estimate to restore your home to your specifications.  Be sure to get references and call them. Contact your local municipality and the Better Business Bureau to be sure there are no complaints filed against the company. Verify that they possess all appropriate licensing and insurance.

Beware of contractors knocking on your door to sell their wares – This is typical following a disaster such as this. Do not cave to make any decisions in haste to a company that you have not taken the time to investigate.

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