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Clairmont, Ltd. Salutes Senior Designer Kim Robbins

Clairmont, Ltd. Salutes Senior Designer Kim Robbins

Professional Women in Building Week September 12-16

Although the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has designated this week as Professional Women in Building week, we appreciate Kim daily for the many things she does for our homeowners and for the integral success of Clairmont, Ltd.

“As Senior Designer, Kim is involved heavily with our clients and they love her,” said Patrick Franz, President of Clairmont, Ltd.

“Kim avidly listens to the client, evaluates their space and develops a design that coincides with their wishes – all while staying within budget.”

Specifying and pricing products is also part of Kim’s repertoire. And lately, because of supply chain issues, nailing down which items are available and when. This year she has expertly pivoted with Plans B and C in her back pocket.  “It’s been a good year to have a magic wand”, laughs Franz.

“She is a trained designer AND but also possesses keen natural talent,” said Franz. “Loving what you do is far better than only being trained in it and our clients notice.”

Kim has served on the Board of Directors of the SouthWest Suburban Home Builders Association (SSHBA, a chapter of the National Association of Home Builders) for the past four years, is also on the board of its Professional Women in Building Council (PWB) and will serve as President of PWB next year.

Kim, thanks for all you do!