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Velux Solar Power Skylight Worth a Close Look


Fresh Air Skylight VeluxI attended a trade show last week and had the opportunity to check out this great new solar power skylight from Velux.   This new model needs no wiring.  The installation work is on the roof, with no disruption of ceilings and walls.  That saves time-consuming and costly patching, taping, painting and cleanup inside.  Unlike the add on solar kits for skylights, there is no bulging motor mount or a stand-up array of cells to clutter the roof.   A small solar panel that matches the skylight frame extends only a few inches below the unit.  It charges the motor battery even in ambient light, so your not limited to sun struck southern exposure.  Opening, closing and adjusting blinds are all solar powered and respond to a hand held, programmable remote control even if the skylight is three stories up in a vaulted ceiling.  I just love it when new products make it easier to deliver innovation and style without breaking the bank!