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Transform your home with Remodeling and Renovation

Remodeling and renovating a home can present many challenges with conditions that are more complex than building a new home. Clairmont, Ltd. has the professional design/build experience and expert technicians to transform your living space. We thoroughly prepare you for the work that lies ahead in terms of scheduling and realistic expectations.

Positive relationships with area municipal building departments and familiarity with their building codes help with the flow of your project. Housing is very regulated. Clairmont Ltd. is OSHA and EPA Certified in addition to the building codes. Our workers have a thorough understanding on how to work with existing structures, particularly electricians and plumbers. There is a big difference and plenty of code demands that structures are built with today such as plumbing engineered to make repairs easier later on – which wasn’t always the case in prior years.

At Clairmont Ltd. we are evaluation consultants – and buyers and sellers of properties too! We assess what you want to spend and how that will appeal to a buyer of your home down the road. What happens if in a few months you receive a dream job offer out of town and need to sell your home? Will you be able to sell your home for a profit? Most say they want to enjoy living in their home and plan to stay for the long haul. The longer you’re living in your home, the easier it is to justify the expense. These are some of many considerations we discuss with our homeowners.

How we provide budgets: Homeowners receive a detailed line item budget so there is an understanding of what every component is going to cost. Each line item is the thoroughly explained in a narrative so you can be assured you’re receiving a good price and understand what exactly is included.

We also work with families who want to buy a new home and want to consult on making changes prior to move-in.


I met Pat Franz of Clairmont during a major renovation to my house that went horribly wrong with another contractor. A close friend referred me. What savior’s! At that time I was emotionally spent, nearly out of money and out of hope. Pat took command of the situation and brought my home back to life. He was clever, had a wonderful professional bedside manner, got me thinking clearly and correctly, and offered an infectious sense of humor that kept me from going over the edge. They finished the home and it turned out so well HGTV featured it in a program about resurrecting jobs gone badly. Since that time they have completed six additional projects in two subsequent homes I have owned.
~ Sally Fitch Cloyd

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